Action Now - Ten Things Any Catholic Can Do to Defend the Faith

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Ten things any Catholic can do to defend the faith:

  1. Pray for all bishops and priests.

  2. Affirm with praise and love those priests and bishops who are steadfast in their defense of Catholic teaching by writing to them, and about them when and where you can.

  3. Be open to discuss the concerns you have with your parish priest by providing charitable comments and suggestions.

  4. Be available to your priest as a source of assistance in areas of parish life where you feel comfortable serving the people of God.

  5. Use Celebrate Life magazine and other American Life League publications to help others understand the gravity of the sin of abortion and how affirming life is always a good because life itself is a good -- a gift from God.

  6. If there is no pro-life group in your parish actively teaching the pro-life principles exposing the evils of contraception and abortion, infanticide and euthanasia, offer to help start such a group. Contact us for details.

  7. If there is no youth-related pro-life effort in your parish, contact American Life League's youth division to see about the possibilities in that area.

  8. Express your specific concerns to the bishop, and promise your prayers for him.

  9. Write letters to the editor focusing attention on Church teaching regarding the dignity of the human person, the intrinsic evil of contraception and abortion; never forget to put a good word in for your favorite Catholic priest, especially when it appears that a particular article or comment is anti-Catholic.

  10. Let us know what your exact concern is and we will attempt to point you in the right direction if we do not have the materials or contacts you require.