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2003 - Hasta la Vista Babies

Last Updated on: November 20, 2009 4:08:30pm EST

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YOU CAN’T BE BOTH CATHOLIC AND PRO-ABORTION! Each of these candidates claims he’s a “Catholic” and that he’ll be a governor who will serve the interests of all the people of California. But the truth is that each of these candidates’ open support for legalized abortion will mean a violent death for thousands of California babies in the womb. Until their public promotion of abortion has been publicly renounced, these pro-abortion “Catholics” should be barred from receiving Holy Communion (see inset photos above). And regardless of any “box-office appeal” they may have, not one of them deserves the price of admission from Cardinal Roger Mahony, from the bishops and priests of California or from anyone else who desires to follow the true teaching of the Catholic Church.

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