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2004 (Dec) - Legatus - The Prudence of the Shepherd

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Archbishop Charles Chaput Archdiocese of Denver When Catholics in public life mistake compromise for prudence, the Church can leave the world more amused than amazed by the Gospel of Christ. Genuine prudence is not the fear of stepping on people’s toes—it’s the courage to stand up for Christ the King. Archbishop Charles Chaput understands that prudence is a blunt instrument of love used by true shepherds who want all their sheep to follow the right path. “It seems that Catholics should be just as ruthless in their pro-life positions as the pro-choice people are in theirs. And I use ‘ruthless’ not in an unkindly way, but to mean determined, stubborn and persistent.” —Archbishop Chaput Please pray with us that soon all Catholics—led by Archbishop Chaput and all our bishops —will be ruthless in their use of prudence to defend life, to save souls and to glorify God.

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