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2004 (Jul) - Legatus - The Wisdom of the Shepherd

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Even before we set out on our Crusade for the Defense of Our Catholic Church, Catholic scholars, priests and bishops told us we were wrong to suggest that Holy Communion should be denied to “Catholic” politicians who publicly promote abortion. That’s why these words of wisdom from the Holy Father have been so comforting: “In cases of outward conduct which is seriously, clearly and steadfastly contrary to the moral norm, the Church, in her pastoral concern for the good order of the community and out of respect for the sacrament, cannot fail to feel directly involved. The Code of Canon Law refers to this situation of a manifest lack of proper moral disposition when it states that those who ‘obstinately persist in manifest grave sin’ are NOT* to be admitted to Eucharistic communion.”** As our Crusade marches toward its second anniversary, only a handful of bishops have openly conformed to the authority of Pope John Paul II in this critical matter. Please pray with us that soon all Catholics will follow the wisdom of the earthly shepherd Christ has appointed for His Church, for this purpose, at this moment in time.

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