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2008- False Shepherd

Last Updated on: July 9, 2009 4:22:31pm EDT

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Unveiled November 11, 2008, this ad ran in USA Today newspaper and is focused on the Fall, 2008 Bishops' Conference in Baltimore, MD. Discussed at the conference were defying the church's abortion stance, FOCA implications to human life, the non-unified voice of the American Catholic bishops in the public policy arena, and enforcing Canon Law; especially when it comes to denying communion to those who endorse, vote for and create legislation in support of the most grave sin of all-- abortion. Indeed with a truly unified voice from the bishops, the flock would not have been confused, split and scattered in this past election cycle. With a single shepherd's calling, things would have turned out differently in America on multiple issues and policies, and abortion may have very well been abolished in 2009! "All of America's bishops openly express concern that only 12% of Catholics faithfully attend Mass on Sunday. But most refuse to see the connection that not even 12% of American bishops enforce Canon 915, by denying Holy Communion to Catholic public figures who openly support abortion: "Those... obstinately persevering in grave and manifest sin are not to be admitted to holy communion." Where are the true shepherds? The apostles of Christ? The bishops faithful to all the teaching of the Church? If America's bishops turn their desire to finding those answers, they'll find their flock returning to them. For the desire of every sheep is to follow the true shepherd."

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